Traditional Data Center

  • Unstable grid based power supply requiring the use of secondary systems such as UPS, battery and generator systems to accommodate fluctuations.
  • Secondary systems emit diesel exhaust and expose the potential for hazardous waste spills.
  • Offer 42-48U cabinets utilizing 28-32U of the space
  • Building and infrastructure built to support 100-150 watts per square foot power
  • The power and cooling demands on data centers increase dramatically as more devices are accessing more software and services from servers. A data center built more than 7 years ago, before the shift to server-centric computing, is likely to be obsolete and eroding TCO with wasted energy. Infrastructure Cannot be built out without disruption to the existing tenants.

The TDC Way...

  • TDC’s technology center facility is its own micro-grid designed for continuous, uninterrupted fault tolerant power.
  • Redundant natural power production negates any hazardous waste or harmful airborne emission.
  • Fully usable 54U cabinets  
  • All required power and cooling from an on-site power plant with a rated capacity of 248 MW at full build out. Will support four times the electrical density of today’s aging data centers
  • State of the Art facility designed to be upgraded and maintained without interruption in services to its clients.

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