TDC Advantages

  • No other company in the WORLD has co-located a high-density data center together with a high efficiency cogeneration facility off grid to cost effectively provision electricity and cooling within the data center environment. 
  • High power density data centers such as those being developed by TDC can accommodate the trend towards progressively higher power densities on the part of demanding “cloud” services users in multiple industries, government and academia. 
  • Onsite cogeneration facility provides a higher level of resiliency and availability to the data center with significantly less impact to local electrical transmission/distribution systems and stressed electric grid.
  • Energy efficient, highly secure,high density data center with a thermodynamically optimizedcombined heat and power (CHP) facility resulting in high reliability, reduced operating costs and cleaner emissions profile. 
  • Use of dedicated onsite generation to provide a highly reliable and highly available source of clean power and low cost cooling capability eliminates the requirement for expensive capital intensive emergency backup systems.  The result is significantly reduced capital and operating costs. 
  • Density capabilities enable us to place up to four (4) times the IT equipment in the same space. 

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