TDC Mission Statement

TDC will create a sustainable system to support the future needs of companies who demand a high reliability, high availability, high density, secure environment and cost effective solution for their IT infrastructure.

The Perfect Complement: Data Center + CHP Facility

The Data Centers LLC (TDC) has identified a unique opportunity for the development, construction and management of self-powered data centers utilizing a highly optimized and efficient power generation facility to provide all necessary energy for the data center.  This is the first data center project to be completely “off-grid”, meaning the facility will not rely on being connected to the electrical grid to supply uninterrupted power to its tenants.

 This innovative approach pairs an energy efficient, highly secure, high-density data center with a thermodynamically optimized combined heat and power (CHP) facility resulting in high reliability, reduced operating costs and cleaner emissions profile.

The TDC model allows managed service providers to enter the retail data center market at a lower cost point than can competitive wholesale providers. 

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Reuse - Brownfield Sites
Recapture - CO2
Recycle - Thermal Energy

TDC facilities are designed for island mode of operation.  By taking the facilities off grid we are not dependent on the success or failure of the increasing stretched national electrical grid.”

                                    ~ Gene Kern - CEO